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You are on the website of the parent's initiative Spatzennest Shanghai. We have run this private non-profit initiative since April 2010 to provide our children, aged 2 to 6 years, a German language environment in the center of Shanghai. Sadly the Spatzennest had to close in 2022.


We keep this website online for the memory of the hundreds of German families, friends, and helpers who have made Spatzennest a place of friendship and joy over many years.


If you are parents in Shanghai, looking for German-language child care, you could look into these options:


Hasenvilla is a German-speaking play circle run by former Spatzennest families to provide a German-speaking environment that is affordable and centrally located, right in the heart of Shanghai. Hasenvilla has found its home in “Meins” (Mindful Educare Infant & Nursery School), an international bilingual nursery.

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Deutsche Schule Shanghai

Covering all your child’s educational needs from kindergarten right through to the Abitur, the German School Shanghai is among the largest of the 140 German schools abroad found all over the world.