COSTS - How much for a nest

We are a parents' initiative and work as a non-profit organization. All revenues are converted 1:1 into spending.



Waiting list registration fee

  • To register in the waiting list of Spatzennest a waiting list fee of 500 RMB needs to be transferred. The fee is non refundable but can be used to reduce the enrollment fee later.


Enrollment payment

  • If a child is enrolled an additional fee of 14,400 RMB is due. This consist of

    • 12,900 RMB Deposit (3 month tuition fee) - The deposit will be paid back at termination of the enrollment.
    • 1,500 RMB toy fee, this fee is non refundable and will be used to buy toys
    • The already paid waiting list fee will be used to deduct 500 RMB from the enrollment payment.
  • Therefore altogether 13,900 RMB need to be transferred. A child can only be enrolled in Spatzennest after the enrollment payment has been done.


Monthly tuition fee

  • The tuition fee for being enrolled at the Spatzennest is 4,800 RMB per month.
  • If Parents have more than one child in Spatzennest the second child enjoys a discount and pays a tuition fee of 4,300 RMB.

  • Tuition fee is to be paid before each 5th of the month.
  • For the month August no tuition fee is charged (summer vacation).
  • When transferring the fee please include the following Information in the remark: Kiga ID, name of the child, month


Tuition fee if the enrollment is not at the begin of a month

  • If a child starts during a month, the fee is calculated based on the enrollment day.

  • No sibling discounts are considered.


Termination of the Spatzennest membership for a child

  • If a child exits the KiGa a notification has to be send in written form with the exit date at least 3 months in advance.
  • The membership can only be terminated to the end of a month.
  • For any exit date before 3 months in advance the deposit will be deducted based on the missed time.
  • In case of proper notification, parents can also use the deposit to pay off the last 3 month of tuition fee.


Additional classes in Spatzennest

In Spatzennest additional classes, currently English, Karate, Dancing are offered. Additional fees thereforeapply and are calculated and charged independent from the Spatzennest finance team.