COSTS - How much for a nest

Wir sind eine Elterninitiative und arbeiten als Non-Profit-Organisation.

Das heißt, alle Einnahmen werden 1:1 in Ausgaben umgesetzt.


Die Kosten ab Januar 2018 sind:



  • 500 RMB (Wird bei Anmeldung verrechnet)



  • 14,400 RMB

Die Anmeldegebühr ergibt sich aus folgenden Kosten:

  • 3 x 4,300 RMB Monatsbeiträge Kaution
  • 1,500 RMB Spielzeuggebühr


Monatlicher Beitrag:

  • 4,300 RMB (August ist beitragsfrei)
  • Fall Eltern mehr als ein Kind im Spatzennest angemeldet haben, wir für das zweite Kind ein ermäßigter Satz von 3,350 RMB verrechnet.
  • Der Monatliche Beitrag muss bis zum 5ten des Monats bezahlt werden 



We are a parents' initiative and work as a non-profit organization.
This means that all revenues are converted 1:1 into spending.

The costs starting January 1st 2018 are:

Waiting list fee:

  • To register in the waiting list of Spatzennest a waiting list fee of 500 RMB needs to be transferred. The fee is non refundable but can be used to deduct the enrollment fee later. 

Enrollment payment:

  • If a child is enrolled an additional fee of 14,400 RMB is due. This consist of:
    • 12,900 RMB Deposit (3 month tuition fee) - The deposit will be paid back at termination of the enrollment
    • 1,500 RMB toy fee, this fee is non refundable and will be used to buy toys
    • The already paid waiting list fee will be used to deduct 500RMB from the enrollment payment  

Therefore altogether 13,900 RMB need to be transferred. A child can only be enrolled in Spatzennest after the enrollment payment has been done.


Monthly fee:

The tuition fee for being enrolled at the Spatzennest is 4,300 RMB per month. If Parents have more than one child in Spatzennest the second child enjoys a discount and pays a tuition fee of 3,350 RMB


  • Tuition fee is to be paid before each 5th of the month.
  • For the month August no tuition fee is charged
  • When transferring the fee please include the following information in the remark:
    • KIGA Id
    • Name of the Child
    • Month  
Termination of the Spatzennest membership for a child: 
If a child exits the KiGa:
  • A notification has to be send in written form with the exit date at least 3 month in advance.
  • The membership can only be terminated to the end of a month.
  • For any exit date earlier than 3 month in advance the deposit will be deducted based on the missed time. 
  • In case of proper notification, parents can also use the deposit to pay off the last 3 month of tuition fee 

Additional classes in Spatzennest:

In Spatzennest additional classes, currently English, Karate, Dancing are offered. Additional fees therefore apply and are calculated and charged independent from the Spatzennest finance team.