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1. Oct. 2021

Finance team

Andreas Thoerner: Tel: 135 0186 9105

Li Zhen:  Tel. 136 7154 6902

Eileen Chen: Tel: 136 8179 2157


Waiting list registration fee:

To register in the Spatzennest waiting list, a fee of RMB 500 needs to be transferred. The fee is nonrefundable but can be used to deduct the enrollment fee later.


Enrollment payment:

If a child is enrolled an additional fee of RMB 24,500 is due. This consist of:

  • RMB 19,500 deposit (3 months’ cost contribution), the deposit will be paid back at termination of the
  • enrollment.
  • RMB 5,000 registration fee, this fee is nonrefundable and will be used to maintain the Spatzennest facilities and purchase toys, etc.
  • The already paid waiting list fee of RMB 500 will be deducted from the enrollment payment.
  • Therefore, altogether RMB 24,000 needs to be transferred. A child can only be enrolled in the Spatzennest after the enrollment payment has been done.

Regular cost contribution:

  • The cost contribution at the Spatzennest is RMB 6,500. per month.
  • If parents have more than one child in the Spatzennest the second child enjoys a discount and pays a RMB 6,000.
  • The cost contribution is to be paid before the 5th of each month.
  • When transferring the fee please include the following information in the remark:
  1. Spatzennest ID
  2. Name of the child 
  3. Month
Cost contribution if the enrolment is not at the beginning of a month:


If a child starts during a month, the fee is calculated based on the days which the child is enrolled in relation to the overall days Spatzennest is open that

month. Below sample based on 22 days:


Base amount

Start date

Days in Spatzennest

(max. depends on month)

Cost Contribution

Karl Muster RMB 6,500



RMB 5,920

Nina Beispiel

RMB 6,500



RMB 4,736

Heiko Beispiel

RMB 6,000



RMB 4,368

Anita Example

RMB 6,500



RMB 592



Termination of the Spatzennest membership for a child:

  • If a child exits the KiGa, a notification must be sent in written form with the exit date at least three months in advance.
  • The membership can only be terminated to the end of a month.
Month of notification Date of contract termination
January  30th of April
February 31st of May
March 30st of June
April 31st of July
May 31th of August
June 30th of September
July 31th of October
August 30st of November
September 31st of December
October 31st of January of the next year
November 28/29th of February of the next year
December 31st of March of the next year


Additional classes in Spatzennest:

We also offer additional classes (currently: English, music, sport and dancing) in the Spatzennest. The costs for these EC classes are included in the monthly cost contribution.


Late fees:

Arrival time in the morning is from 08:30AM to 09:30AM and pick-up time in the afternoon is from 16:00PM to 16:30PM, should the arrival or pick-up be later (after 09:30AM and after 16:30PM) a fine of RMB 100 is due. This will be invoiced on a quarterly basis.


Bank Account Information:

Bank Name: China Construction Bank

Branch: 建行上海番禺路支行 (FanYu Road)

Account Nr.: 6217 0011 8005 9499 825

Account Name: 陈颖盈 (Chen Ying Ying)



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Spatzennest Finance Info 2021.10.pdf
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